Best Mobile Under 30000 Price in Pakistan

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Best Mobile Phones Under 30,000

In the age of mechanization and technology, smartphones are the helpers of humans in everyday life. Whether it is health care, fitness, information, or location tracking, smartphones have you covered. The highest selling electronic gadget of the modern era, many find it impossible to continue their lives without their phone, leading to ever-increasing prices. These days everyone is on a budget. The customers’ hottest question is: what are the best mobiles under 30,000.

The good news is that you are sure to find something within your budget. Read the following text for details:


The biggest smartphone manufacturer at the moment, Samsung is now at the peak of its work and planning to remain number one in the foreseeable future. It brings you the best South Korean technology, seamless functionality and also comes with an extravagant price tag. However, for customers who want a Samsung phone under PKR 30,000.... don’t worry!


Apple needs no introduction. With the very meaning of perfection, brilliance, and beauty, Apple has taken over as the most valuable company and is only second to Samsung in production capacity. Worth over 2 trillion USD now, this brand delivers the best-looking phones with futuristic hardware, turning iPhones into a statement piece. 


Huawei is slowly becoming a world-class brand competing with the best. The good part is that you can afford these phones even if you’re on a budget, as Huawei has one of the best production capabilities of all mobile phone brands, particularly in Asian markets. Therefore you can rest assured that you are bound to find a phone under 30,000. For example:


Another famous Chinese brand. Oppo is also becoming a big-time competitor in the smartphone business. Like other regional contemporaries, this brand is also enjoying high sales due to the prime quality it supplies at relatively low prices. Oppo outlets are all over Pakistan, and you can purchase some of their phones at rates under PKR 30,000.


China comes in with further proof of its manufacturing power. Realme is another renowned yet affordable option that one could go for if you are on a budget. These phones have become particularly common in Pakistan and are widely available at affordable rates.


The above is a Hong Kong-based mobile company established in 2013. Initially stagnant, Infinix is becoming a household name as it has created newer and better products. This brand has research houses from Korea to France!

Final thoughts

If you are on a budget under 30000 but want good quality mobile, visit the local outlets or PinPack to purchase your phone. Considering inflation and depreciation of currency today, this is a reasonable amount to buy a good quality phone.