Best Mobile Under 50000 Price in Pakistan

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Best Mobile Phones Under 50,000

Are you looking for a new phone? Are you on a tight budget but do not wish to compromise on technology and quality? Well, consider yourself lucky. With new models of smartphones and the difference in values of currencies, buying a phone can get expensive. No worries! Some of your favorite brands offer phones under the PKR 50,000 mark. Not only are you promised great technology and software, but you may enjoy these at very low prices.
For those asking about the best mobiles under 50,000, read the text and let all your questions get answered!


The number one mobile phone brand globally, Samsung seems destined to remain the largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide. Providing you with the latest Korean innovation, software, and performance in the form of next-level smartphones, this brand is not exactly the cheapest option in the market. However, the good news is that Samsung phone models are available under PKR 50,000.


Apple is now leagues above its competition. Perfection, beauty, and performance, the iPhones are now more than just electronic devices. They are tools used to elevate one’s social standing, making them notoriously expensive. Luckily, some iPhones are still available under PKR 50,000. These phones possess all trademark iPhone qualities so that you can keep up with all the latest advances in Apple technology.


Having set its course to become the next Samsung, Huawei is flying dangerously close to the sky. This brand is enjoying unprecedented success due to its futuristic software and technology. The best part about this company is that it sells most of its products at very affordable rates, even without any discounts. Huawei is slowly but surely, spreading globally but it enjoys its high sales primarily in Asian markets. Check out the best phones for those on a budget.


Another famous Chinese brand. Oppo is also becoming a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone business. Like other regional contemporaries, this brand is observing high sales due to the top quality it supplies at low prices. For prices under PKR 50,000, Oppo phones are on sale at outlets and online websites all over Pakistan.


China comes in with additional proof of its industrial power. Realme is another popular yet affordable option that one could buy. Due to high customer demands because of the great software in each phone, Realme phones are sold out and restocked rapidly.


The above is a Finnish mobile and consumer electronics company, a seasoned veteran in the mobile phone business. From keypad phones to next-level smartphones, Nokia still does it all.

Final thoughts

With the increasing prices today, you can still buy affordable phones by visiting the local outlets or PinPack, a renowned online vendor. This way you can be positive that you purchase the best mobile phone under 50,000 which is also budget-friendly.