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Joyroom Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Showing you Joyroom Earbuds Prices in Pakistan. PinPack helps you Find and Buy the latest Joyroom Earbuds at lowest price online in Pakistan.


Joyroom EarBuds Price in Pakistan

If you need EarBuds but don't have a considerable budget, Joyroom is always there to provide you with quality earbuds on a decent budget. However, looking at Joyroom Earbud Prices in Pakistan, people think of them as a false copies.

These Airpods come with the latest and premium features you find in Apple AirPods. Joyroom itself is a fantastic EarBuds brand that wants to make your life easier by introducing quality products on a lower budget. 


The best thing about Joyroom EarBuds is that not only do they look like Apple EarBuds, but they also work like one. The features offered by Joyroom in a petite price range are totally mind-blowing. You get noise cancellation, transparency mode (high-end models), and so much more. 

However, there are a few compromises on the build quality. Some of their models are waterproof, although the low-end models don't have such a waterproofing system that would allow you to use them anywhere. 

Moreover, the songs or audio you were playing won't automatically stop when you remove the EarBuds. These are tiny problems, but they should bother you much in such a small price range.  

Audio Quality  

The audio quality of these EarBuds is what will drive you crazy. Even with a low price tag, you are offered 13mm Dynamic Drivers and 6D Stereo Clear Sound. Ensure that there is no traffic sound whenever you use these EarBuds, and no kind of noise will be loud enough to disturb you. 

Moreover, most earbuds have a frequency response rate of 20khz, which is another excellent factor. Somehow, the frequency response rate is also related to your audio clarity. Do remember that this is a general audio specs overview. Not all of the models will have identical specifications.  


Joyroom EarBuds are light on the pocket and even lighter on the hands. Suppose you are a sports enthusiast and want EarBuds that won't fall off easily, this brand will help you achieve your dreams in the minimum time.  

The EarBuds do have a very premium design. Although not all of their models have a good waterproofing system, be mindful when using them near water or dust. 


Most of the EarBuds from Joyroom come with a 3-4 hour battery backup. We understand this isn't a huge battery time compared with other brands, but we also need to remember the price. At a super budget-friendly price, a 400mAh charging case and 45mAh EarBuds aren't a bad option at all. 

After reading all of their specs, if you think these EarBuds are the perfect match, consider checking out PinPack, as they have the latest Joyroom EarBuds models at a reasonable price. 


How much do Joyroom EarBuds or Airpods cost you? 

Joyroom Airpods price in Pakistan starts from 3,000pkr and can go up to 15,000pkr depending on your preferences and requirements. They are one of the cheapest EarBuds in the market. If you have a low budget, Joyroom should be your go-to option. 

How many times can Joyroom EarBuds be charged via case? 

The latest EarBuds come with a 400mAh case, and mostly the case can charge your EarBuds 3-4 times on a single charge.

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