Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Showing you Earbuds Prices in Pakistan. PinPack helps you Find and Buy the latest Earbuds at lowest price online in Pakistan.

Earbuds Price in Pakistan

As technology advances, we can also see the advancement in headphones. Now the dimension has moved to wireless earphones, even in Pakistan. Wireless earbuds price in Pakistan ranges from high to expensive, but from PinPack.pk, customers can buy the best wireless earbuds at a reasonable price in Pakistan. Many people have long forgotten wired headphones. At PinPack, you have a wide variety of wireless earbuds to buy- from 3rd generation Apple AirPods, Infinix earbuds, Samsung Galaxybuds, RealMe earbuds, Huawei earphones, Tecno too many more. 

Different Types Of Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds are the new sensation and are a significant piece with a battery life of 3 to 5 hours of playtime. These earbuds connect wirelessly to MP3 players, cellphones, etc. These wireless earphones have a built-in mic, battery, and control systems.

Classical Earbuds

Classical earbuds are the kind that rests on your earlobe or ear canal rather than blocking your ear. An illustration of classic earphones is the Apple Airpods. The classical earbuds have a battery life of 4 to 5 hours and take less time to charge. Furthermore, these earphones have an active noise-cancellation feature and improve the soundstage. Airpods are available in 2nd gen, 3rd gen, Pro, and Max. The 3rd generation apple Airpod price in Pakistan is Rs. 44,999. 

Wireless Earbuds with Cable

Moving on, we have Wireless Earbuds with Cable. These earphones are wireless, but the left and right earbuds are connected via a wire. You can carry these earbuds easily, they have a good battery life, and most importantly, the sound quality is similar to the spectacular true wireless earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of wireless earbuds in Pakistan?

What brand of wireless Bluetooth earphones you choose will determine how much they cost. Infinix wireless earbuds will cost around Rs. 3000, while Samsung Galaxy buds can cost you PKR 20,000. Different companies have different prices. The best wireless earbuds prices in Pakistan can be from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 45,000, depending on the brand and product.

Are earbuds and earphones the same thing?

Yes. Wireless earbuds and earphones work by connecting them through Bluetooth. However, their design is where they vary. Your ear canal cannot accommodate earbuds. They, therefore, stay outside of your ear canal. In contrast to earbuds, earphones contain a soft cushion that fits into the ear canal.

Why are wireless earbuds so much in demand?

With wireless earphones, you can forget about tangled wires, which may spoil the enjoyment. Additionally, Bluetooth earphones free up your hands so you can go about your everyday activities comfortably while listening to music, a podcast, or a phone call. Wireless earbuds are the finest option due to characteristics like noise cancellation, higher sound staging, and good sound quality.


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