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Xiaomi Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Showing you Xiaomi Earbuds Prices in Pakistan. PinPack helps you Find and Buy the latest Xiaomi Earbuds at lowest price online in Pakistan.


MI Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Suppose you are thinking about getting quality products in the low range. Xiaomi is a name you will always find regardless of the product's type. Similarly, Xiaomi has been producing fantastic quality MI earbuds for a long time. However, Xiaomi MI Earbud price in Pakistan and their built quality have always attracted controversies. People get confused about whether to purchase MI earbuds or choose a different option. So, let's end this confusion by looking at what MI has got. 


If you are listening to a song, it will automatically pause when you take an earbud out. Similarly, you can change whatever you are listening to and activate features like ANC and transparency mode, which are available in almost all of their earbuds. 

Features like ANC are flagship things. However, Xiaomi has made them available in all of their earbuds regardless of the price range, which is truly admirable. Even the quality of active noise cancellation is outstanding, and your audio will be crystal clear to the listener as you talk through an expensive mic. 

Audio Quality 

The audio quality of Xiaomi's earbuds is definitely worth going after. First of all, the brand targets mid-range and low-range audiences, which means their buds are very affordable. But despite its lower prices, you will find almost all of the flagship features in this device and good quality audio. 

Elegant Design 

No doubt that MI earbuds come with a big case. At first look, most people might not love them. However, this big case can charge your Earbuds for as much as 5 times a day, and the Earbuds them self are very light weighted, good designed which means there won't be any problems carrying them. 

The big box might not provide you with the most futuristic looks but still gets the job done in this price range; we cannot criticize Xiaomi at all.' 

Most of the latest MI earbuds have an IP54 waterproof rating. If you ever drop your earbuds by mistake in water, there is nothing to be tensed of because these earbuds are waterproof and can withstand rain and dust. 


The battery of MI buds is usually between 3-4 hours with all of its features on. If you turn off these features, the battery can increase the timing for 2-3 extra hours. Technically, this is not a good battery life, but if you look at its price, then it seems understandable. 

If you think MI earbuds are worth a shot, try visiting PinPack because they have a massive collection of excellent earbuds. 


What is the price of MI earbuds in Pakistan? 

MI buds come in different price ranges. However, MI earbuds Prices start from as low as 5000pkr and can go up to 30 and 40,000pkr depending on your price. If you have a low budget, MI buds are the best option. Whether it be MI buds, Haylou buds, Tecno earbuds, Oneplus earbuds, QCY earbuds, or Huwaei earbuds, at Pinpack you may buy wireless earbuds at the best price in Pakistan.

Are MI buds reliable? 

Yes, MI buds are pretty good, especially in their quality. Most of their recent models have an IP54 waterproof rating, meaning even the strongest dust and water cannot enter these earbuds, making them one of the best choices at this price.

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