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Audionic Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Showing you Audionic Earbuds Prices in Pakistan. PinPack helps you Find and Buy the latest Audionic Earbuds at lowest price online in Pakistan.


Audionic Earbuds Price in Pakistan

After their huge entrance into the market with some bombastic speakers, Audionic, the “Sound Master,” has decided to release some fantastic earbuds and headsets for people who don’t like noise. Audionic as a brand really needs no introduction because its sound accessories have been top-notch since Day 1.  

Do you think these Airbuds are a perfect pick for you? Head out to PinPack and check out their massive collection of amazing earbuds from Audionic. However, if you are still confused with Audionic earbuds prices in Pakistan and their specifications, this article will help you clear them up. 

So, let's not waste any time and move to the general specifications of these airbuds. 


Talking about features, Audionic is really price-specific. The features that would be mentioned will be present in most of their earbuds, just like the all-time famous ANC feature is present in almost all of their latest earbuds. If you want to make a call but are in heavy traffic, activate the ANC (Active noise cancellation), and all the mics start working simultaneously to provide the best audio input on the opposite side. 

Similarly, their earbuds have a fast-charging time, amazing noise cancellation, good battery, Transparency mode, Hyper Sync, and so on. 

Audio quality  

Bad audio quality and Audionic are two opposite things. If you have been using their other devices like Audionic speakers or headsets, you won't need any clarification about their super bass system. Most of their models come with 2-3 mics that will improve your audio quality, but their earbuds also have a high-grade chipset that allows you to do wonders while listening to any audio. 

However, Audionic, like all the other earbuds companies, is not so exceptional in low charges. If the charging is about to end within 10-15 minutes, you cannot get the full sound potential from any of their earbuds. A point you should note before purchasing. 


Audionic is exceptional with its earbuds design. Except for some models, all their airbuds are light-weighted and easy to carry around. Similarly, their box isn't that big, so managing these earbuds will never be an issue. 


The latest models from Audionic can give you a battery time of 4-8 hours, depending upon your price range. Their low-end airbuds will have less battery timing, which will be the opposite for flagship models. If you need good quality earbuds on a decent budget, Audionic is a brand you should opt for from 


Do Audionic earbuds support ANC? 

Yes, all of the recent models from Audionic support ANC, especially their flagship models. However, if you are buying a very budget-friendly earbud model, it might not support ANC. Even if it does, the quality of that Active noise cancellation won't be premium as Audionic is a brand that focuses on mid-range and flagship earbuds. 

How much do Audionic Airbuds Cost you? 

Audionic earbuds price in Pakistan is around 10,000 to 50,000 pkr. Technically speaking, this is very decent because the earbuds have all the premium features which other brands offer you at a higher or flagship price.

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