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Baseus Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Showing you Baseus Earbuds Prices in Pakistan. PinPack helps you Find and Buy the latest Baseus Earbuds at lowest price online in Pakistan.


Baseus EarBuds Price in Pakistan

An excellent alternative to Apple EarBuds is Baseus EarBuds. No wonder why they became such a fast-selling brand in no time, especially when there were other competitors in the market. The best thing about these EarBuds is that they are budget-friendly and have tons of different features. 

However, many people think that their latest models will be released at a very high price. Baseus Earbuds price in Pakistan has always been budget-friendly. Regardless of the model, you will always find them at a low-range budget listed at PinPack. 


The best thing about these EarBuds is that they can be paired with both IOS and Android. This looks quite artificial but, at the same time, makes your life very easy. Even android users can use these EarBuds. Moreover, the brand offers excellent water, dust, and sweat protection in its high-end models. 

The EarBuds are best for use in workouts and sports activities as they come with a very soft rubber earbud. Since they are waterproof, regardless of how much sweat drops on these EarBuds, nothing can get inside unless you allow it. 

Audio quality  

The best thing about audio quality is the crispiness you can get while listening to high-bass sounds. Regardless of where you are standing and what the noise is, using these EarBuds will never be a sign of regret, especially their high-end ones with features like ANC and transparency mode. Both of these features are the most demanded ones, and luckily, they are found in Baseus EarBuds. 

However, if you need fully heavy bass-equipped EarBuds that can allow you to listen low ranged audio, these EarBuds might not fulfill your expectations at some point. Even though they have amazing speakers that can let you do wonders, this is a place where they seem to lack. 


The design of these EarBuds is the best you can get. Even if you give them a close look, it will be hard to explain that they aren't the original Apple EarBuds. They have a very light-fitting design that won't trouble you while running or doing workouts. 


Generally, the battery of these EarBuds is between 3-4 hours on a single charge which seems fine at this price point. If you give an overall look, these specifications aren't the highest but neither the lowest as well. The competitors of these earbuds will get tough competition.


Is it worth purchasing Baseus EarBuds? 

Why not? The EarBuds are a great alternative if you don't have the budget to afford the original ones from Apple. They come with almost all the latest features you need in Apple EarBuds. Their design, features, and everything look identical to the EarBuds in quality. 

How much does Baseus Airpods cost? 

The Baseus Airpods price in Pakistan starts from 3,000pkr and can climb up to 10,000pkr. Most of their models look very similar to the original EarBuds, meaning that you won't have any looks problem. If you think these EarBuds are an excellent option, head out to PinPack and check some of the latest models at your fingertips.

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